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Why Should You Visit Split

Date Added: May 24, 2016 04:52:27 AM
Author: Dale Dunlop
Category: Travel
Imagine living in a resort town that is more than 2,400 years old – a place where you walk through monumental Roman arches with alleys and buildings that have weathered the ages, where you visit colorful markets and haggle with merchants for fresh produce, clothing, and other items, just as people have done for centuries. Imagine waking to the smell of coffee and freshly baked croissants emanating from the shops and cafes lining the centuries-old palace. This is life as it happens every day in Split. This ancient city on the Dalmatian Coast is famous for being the retirement home for the 4th century Roman Emperor, Diocletian. If you haven’t visited yet, here are some reasons why you should visit Split: The Diocletian Palace is the world’s most intact Roman palace: The Diocletian Palace was built as a retirement palace by the Roman Emperor Diocletian around the turn of the 4th century. Several centuries later, residents of Salona reclaimed it and built a city within the old confines of the palace. Walls were removed, added, or modified to suit the preferences of the new residents. The old alleyways within the city are home to many residents and commercial establishments. Enjoying a laidback breakfast in one of the many cafes lining these alleyways is counted among the most important things to do in Split Croatia. Touching the thumb of Grgur Ninski brings luck and happiness: Grgur Ninski, or the Gregory of Nin, was the bishop of Nin who famously opposed the Pope to ensure that religious services be held in old Slavonic language. A statue in his honor was built by Ivan Meštrovic, the famous Croatian sculptor. Locals believe that rubbing the thumb of Grgur’s statue brings good luck and happiness. No wonder, then, tour operators ensure that visiting his statue remains as another of most important things to do in Split, Croatia. Split has the best beaches in the Adriatic Sea: Starting from Bacvice in the east to Podstrana in the west, Split is home to several beautiful beaches in the Adriatic coast. Each has its own unique aspect. While Bacvice has shallow waters, Ocvice has a pictureseque pebbled coast. Furile is family-friendly beach perfect for young children. The rounded ceiling at the Temple of Jupiter is made of square blocks: The Temple of Jupiter was built around the 3rd century by Emperor Diocletian. This is a miniscule temple with unique vaulted ceilings made of square shaped stone blocks. Each of these blocks carries a different motif. This blog explains all the details of the most well-preserved Roman temple. Author Bio : The Author is an avid traveler who is passionate and curious about all things related to culture and history. More details visit
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