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Creating Information Products - How To Create A Viral Ebook To Build Your List

Date Added: December 28, 2016 03:06:42 AM
Author: Peter Bradberry
Category: Real Estate: Timeshare
Information products can be sold for a quick profit online which is why a lot of online business owners write an ebook and just drive traffic to the sales letter. But smart internet marketers take a different approach. They create an ebook to give away for free before they go for the sale. The reasons for this and how to do it are explained. The free ebook will be marketed by a squeeze page. This page will describe the benefits of what's inside the ebook and readers can download it for free by submitting their email address. The purpose of this squeeze page is to build your list of targeted prospects. The free ebook is for readers to pass on to their friends and email list, if they have one. So the number of people who will read the ebook is a lot more than if the internet marketer sent it to his own list. Inside the free ebook, there will be valuable content which the reader will find useful but incomplete. For example, the topic of the ebook could be how to get out of debt and save your property from foreclosure. While mentioning the basics of what can be achieved with a few tips, the reader needs to purchase the full information product or ebook, to get a much more detailed answer. If the reader enjoyed the information in the free ebook, they would be very interested in the full information product. They would be assuming that if the free ebook contained good information, then the full product would be much better. Therefore, the free ebook which your prospects download from the squeeze page, must have valuable content which your readers find useful. The benefits of using this strategy instead of sending visitors straight to the order page of the ebook are: 1. You are building a targeted list which you can market to later on 2. The readers are pre-sold. After reading your free ebook, they know what to expect from your full product. 3. Readers can pass on your ebook to other people, which will further build your list and reach many more prospects. *What To Put In The Free Ebook* To make your ebook viral and make sales on the backend, you should place the following information inside the ebook: 1. About author page. This builds your credibility. It will have a link to your website and to your other products. This is a page where you can "toot your horn" without being annoying. 2. Give away rights. Before the first chapter of your ebook, place a page explaining the give away rights which the reader has. Tell them that they can give away the ebook for free as long as the contents are not changed. Underneath that statement, tell them that they can give away the ebook by refering their friends to your squeeze page. Mention that without subscribing through the squeeze page, they will not be notified when you launch your next free ebook. 3. The backend sale. At the end of your ebook, have a full page promoting your paid version of the ebook. Tell them that if they enjoyed the information in the free ebook, then they can expect more with the paid version. Using the model explained above, you can build a targeted list to market your products to, achieve more sales in the backend and prove that you're an authority in your niche. This is why a lot of information products business give away free reports to their list of prospects. You should download such reports and see how the marketing is done. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to receive additional info relating to encyclopedie catholique repertoire universel raisonne sciences lettres arts metiers tome kindly check out our own web-page.