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Bet9ja Yesterday Result

Date Added: January 18, 2017 01:19:37 PM
Author: Grady Lambert
Category: Recreation
For Sadiq Abdullahi, the operator of a sports betting shop at Utako, Abuja, sports betting is all about preserving the sacredness of the contract between punters and the operators of the gambling websites - paying the punter as immediately as he or she wins his / her bet on the basis of the ‘unbreakable’ guarantee ensconced in the predict-and-bet contract. Wager right, get paid Abdullahi would claim. For Shina Phillips, a punter at Garki Area 10, Abuja, sports betting is much more about ‘conning’ most of the punters to ‘fleece’ them of their hard-earned cash with the instrument of the enticing promises of a manifold wages for passion, as the bet9ja mobile motto would say, ingrained in a ‘deceit-established’ contract. So is the case in Abuja, as it may well be the case everywhere, Phillips maintains. Either way, the online sweepstake called sports betting is all about money - the punter dreams of winning millions of Naira, for instance, a maximum of 50 million Naira dangled by bet9ja, the acclaimed marketplace leader, by staking just one, or a few, hundred Naira notes; the operator of the gaming site, operating as a legal business enterprise, rakes into his bank account hundreds of millions of Naira seemingly from the stakes set on the flawed forecasts of the majority of the punters at a given time. "The victor used our on-line system by staking only N500.00. I’m happy to notify you the winner continues to be issued with his cheque. We are going to continue to strive to serve our customers to the best of our skills. We shall always operate in line with agreed terms and within the ambit of the regulatory agency." Affirmed that Our company is anchored on trust, so we'll continue to serve our customers bigger and better." A considerable percent of these youth apparently rely on the sports betting sweepstake as a ‘veritable source’ of a huge chunk of the cash they may have pursued from wherever they hail to Abuja or, at least, as a ‘veritable source’ of the pittance they need for simple sustenance. For majority of Abuja punters, nevertheless, sports betting is all about dependence, as was the pools gambling of old, which it replaces. "All games of chance are about habit; the more you play them, the more you get hooked; and you play them out of compulsiveness, like drinking alcohol, minding not whether you will win or lose, when you're addicted. If you win, you're joyful; if you lose, you happen to be depressed, but sadness for loss does not restrict you from playing tomorrow," Mustapha Mohammed, a punter at Saharabet, maintains, monitoring, "I think this pathetic situation of the player establishes the strong foundation on which the wagering business booms." Because it's a government- legalized business enterprise, it is also about money for the government in the form of the percent of the sets made by the operators to be remitted based on the provisions of the National Lottery Regulatory Act. As at reporting time, the National Lottery Regulatory Commission established by the said Act of the National Assembly was still compiling an extensive list and applicable records of the operators in the FCT "and so we cannot tell you comprehensively who and who are running here, how many of them are operating here, and the total quantity of shops in which they run," Magnus Ekechukwu, Head Media and Public Affairs of the commission, said. "We happen to be mapping (compiling records of) the agents and subagents of the operators since April 2015, and we're still encouraging them to come forth and register their existence with the commission as required by the Act to enable us regulate and monitor their operations accordingly," Mr. Ekechukwu said additionally, warning, "we're on the verge of forcing them to do so, because the deadline has expired since February 16, 2016." Mr. Adolphus Joe Ekpe, the Director-General of the Commission, stressed: "we're giving all operators up to the next June to come for the required mapping with us and many of them are responding. Because that will function as the time when we are going to begin full enforcement of regulation according to the Act from July any sports betting operator that hasn't presented himself for mapping will be on his own. "We have reached an agreement with the EFCC that starting from that time any operator not registered with us will be accused of running an illegal business that was fiscal, ripping off the citizens of their cash, and the EFCC will pick up him. We need to have a comprehensive record of them to empower us completely enforce compliance with the Act and perform monitoring functions and our regulatory.