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Top Application Locker To Secure And Lock Apps On Android Phone

Date Added: February 03, 2017 06:53:52 AM
Author: Sandy Vestal
Category: Business
Top Software Locker to Secure and Lock Programs on Android Phone Application Locker enables android phone users to guard certain programs by entering password rather than locking the entire phone to stop accidental or unauthorized access by others, or drawing open routine. Quickstart It is a robust but easyto-use tool, which clearly lists all of your installed applications, including program operations (You have an option to cover or show them). An individual will be done variety, follow on "Apply" button and wait for one-second, then this system you chose will be added to the protected list. The security for the objects in the number is achieved pattern or by password. You may select among the ways you enjoy. About Password Listed here is a tip for you, that is login code isn't required to Application Locker at your first login. The reason is that you'll view a requirement that requires one to enter a code before opening this resource, but you may right push "Enter" button to accomplish successful entry as the default code is empty. You should reset the password following the first login. But this problem was fixed after I considered the developer for help. Plus, users can set a password sign in case of you forget the password and recovery mail to obtain your password. About Desktop Switches Two desktop switches are just added. I enjoy after you perform the related environment these two remarkable turns, which appear on your own desktop. One is known as Quick Move; one other is app lock app-Phone Transition. Using the first one, the defense for several products in the protected list may be fired up or off just by a widget. When the second one is on, your whole phone is totally closed out. These two changes could be unlocked only using the proper patterns you drew before. Other Features Incidentally, this environment is default; you definitely have the option to shut it down. 2. To start the Application Locker instantly since the system boots. 3. To re- locks when you keep an application. 4. There are many approaches to resolve the probable issues when you can great many relevant options in FAQ Help or Tutorial.