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4 Ways A Bulk Billing Dentist Can Help You Achieve Pearly White Teeth

Date Added: February 07, 2017 07:53:45 PM
Author: Tania Milne
Category: Health
4 Ways a Bulk Billing Dentist Can Help You Achieve Pearly White Teeth Who doesn’t like to flash a pearly white smile? It gives an impression of happiness, confidence and a lot of positivity. Is it something that one is born with or is it something you can have with a lot of effort and perseverance? Here is how a professional bulk billing dentist can help you easily get the pearly white smile quickly. 1. Laser Teeth bleaching This is the most popular option to whiten your teeth quickly, as it doesn’t involve any pain and the whole process gets done fast, usually within one hour. Moreover, laser teeth whitening are not much expensive. Being a cost-effective procedure, your bulk billing dentist can easily help you make your teeth whiter without losing huge amount of money from your pocket. With only one sitting, there is no doubt that it is the easiest and most commonly used cosmetic dental treatment for people wanting to whiten their teeth. If you are not too familiar with wilmington hospital dental ( treatments and eager to know how laser teeth bleaching happen, here is how a typical procedure works. At first, the doctor will apply a transparent gel on your teeth and then he will use a laser device that aims to enhance the properties of the gel. The whole procedure usually lasts for 50-60 minutes Once done, your teeth continue to shine for a long time and you will not need another sitting for whitening teeth in about two years. 2. Tooth Bleaching Even though this teeth whitening method is not as commonly used as laser teeth whitening, it can be effective and it will help you get your teeth whiter. In this procedure, a professional bulk billing dentist uses caramide peroxide, a strong bleaching agent to bring about a change in the way your teeth look. 3. Avoid Teeth Staining Foods There are few things that you can take as preventive steps in order to maintain whiter teeth for a long time. One of the most important things you can do is to avoid foods that are known to cause stains, such as coffee or certain wine. These are notoriously known to stain your teeth over the years. 4. Quit Smoking Another important preventive step in maintaining shiny teeth is smoking. Smoking is responsible for that unwanted yellow colour of teeth that is very difficult to remove. Even though modern medicine can help you restore the natural colour of your teeth, you need to take some extra measures to prolong the effects. Smoking is one of the crucial things that you need to give up if you want white teeth. To summarize, the above-mentioned tips can help you achieve and maintain pearly white teeth year after year. The advantages of choosing a bulk billing dentist is that you can benefit from the cosmetic procedures and get professional advice for free provided that you have a pension card or a health care card.