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Marketing Today - How To Get A Marketing Education Free Online

Date Added: February 08, 2017 04:45:36 AM
Author: Olga Bourke
Category: Computers and Internet
Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But for the health of your marketing efforts, it takes more than an apple a day. Maybe you have a marketing degree already, or are an engineering guru, but neither genius nor prior education is sufficient (or necessary) to succeed in marketing now. Unless you keep your knowledge current, your marketing efforts will simply not keep pace with the daily changes and new opportunities that are available for marketing today. So just how does one keep the cobwebs from gathering over your marketing methods? The good news: It's easy. Take a webinar daily. You can search for webinars online to start finding the ones that interest you. Just open Google and paste the text: "marketing webinars" and you'll find many sources. Is your schedule really tight during the day? Even if you can't attend a scheduled webinar, you can STILL benefit from all the free knowledge that's available online. Just listen to any of the thousands of podcasts and webinar-on-demand (pre-recorded) presentations available. Some examples of places to find free marketing webinars and podcasts are: - Citrix GoToMeeting's management & marketing library - 10 Golden Rules' internet marketing podcasts - AMA (American Marketing Association)' webcasts & podcasts - Hubspot* webinars - Rain Today* marketing podcasts *Note: Hubspot and Rain Today have many member-only resources, but they also offer many excellent free presentations. When you start going through the lists of available seminars, you'll see all kinds of topics related to current marketing trends, such as: - social media for marketing - video marketing - link building - website development - inbound marketing, and much, much more. This list only scratches the surface of the resources out there. The topics that are relevant are always changing and what you want to learn about marketing is totally up to you. (That's one beauty of your free online education-no pre-requisites, required courses, or exams!) Keeping up to date is just one of the benefits you can reap from attending webinars. You also can profit from the opportunity to engage and network with an exciting network of experts in fields of communication, advertising, web design, marketing, consulting, and more. Who knows, you might even be inspired to hold a webinar of microsoft word computer your own in the future!